Overpriced Horse Tips – Horse Racing Tipster (Passed)

Overpriced Horse Tips – Horse Racing Tipster (Passed)

Overpriced Horse Tips is one of the most renowned and longest standing horse racing tipster services on the internet having been active since 2012. During the time as a service “Shaun” the man behind the service has recorded profit in each of the 6 years and amassed a total exceeding 700 points.

Overpriced Horse Tips is a simple to follow service, he advises win only selection at 1 point level stakes bets with average odds around 7/1. As the name suggest this service is based around finding horse that are “over priced” in the market and taking advantage of the value on offer.

We will take this 90 day period to take a look at this service and hopefully we will see why it has stood the test of time and been able to maintain the consistency over the years.

What sport does this service provide tips on? Horse Racing

What time are tips sent? 9pm-10pm each day

How are tips sent? Via Email

Does this tipster have a website? https://sportsbettingstars.com/tipsters/overpriced-horse-tips

What betting bank is advised? 75 points

How many tips per day are advised? An average of 1-2 per day

Have there been other trials or reviews on Tipsters Review? Yes, we have conducted 7 day live trials

How much does it cost? 14 days free, £29.99 per month or cheaper for longer term subscriptions

Is there a money back guarantee? Yes 14 days, no questions asked

Verdict? Over the course of the 3 months he produced a profit of 37.5 points and a return on investment exceeding 45%. On the back of this trial Sports Betting Stars have set us up with exclusive 30 day trial which can be found in the tipster website section above. We started these reviews to get an extended look at services, the 7 day live trials are great as we get to sample the services in action but we don't always get to see their long term potential. Before we even started Overpriced Horse Tips came with a reputation of one of the nets most consistent performers having had 7 successful years as a service and now the proof is most definitely in the pudding. It is simple to follow with just win only singles advised and only takes a couple of minutes per day to place bets. The average odds of selections are around 7/1 with winner coming in at odds from 4/1 up to 12/1. It appears Overpriced Horse Tips is continuing his form as he has had 9/1 and 11/1 winners in the past couple of days. Total number of tips tips = 81 Total Stake = 78.5 Total points profit = 37.75 Total number of winners = 14 ROI = 48.08% Strike rate = 17.28% Overprice Horse Tips gets a resounding PASSED from me and taking everything into account I highly recommend taking out the 30 day free trial option.