Racing Specialist (In progress)

Racing Specialist (In progress)

The Racing Specilaist service has been well established for some time now and his low risk apporach has proved popular with punters wince 2016.

The service itself could not be easier to follow, an average of just 1 tip per day is proivded with all selections advised as win only bets at level stakes. There appears to be no glitz and glam to make profits look better than they are, it looks to be a straight up solid service with a low risk approach. 

What sport does this service provide tips on? Horse Racing

What time are tips sent? 8-9am

How are tips sent? Via Email

Does this tipster have a website?

What betting bank is advised? 75 points

How many tips per day are advised? 1

Have there been other trials or reviews on Tipsters Review? No

How much does it cost? £29.99 per month first 14 days free

Is there a money back guarantee? Yes, 14 days.