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The advantages of online betting

The advantages of online betting

Exclusive Markets, Cash-Out, Best Odds and 24/7 betting are just a handful of the advantages that you get by opting to bet online as opposed to working out of a bookmaker. Let’s take a more detailed look at a few advantages and the benefits they bring:

So much choice

By this we mean not only the number of bookmakers available to you, but we mean the number of markets you can bet on and the times at which you can bet. Like us, if you sometimes find a gem of a game taking place over night in South America, you just log in to your account and bet. You can’t go to your local bookmaker outside of 9am to 8pm in most cases, and it’s pretty inconvenient to have to leave your house multiple times a day to attend your local (or not) bookie. Online betting is without a doubt the most convenient way to bet.

And you can scour the many bookmakers available to select the one that has the markets that suit you most! Coral have a fantastic range of select markets that not everyone has, however they offer European Handicap only. If you want Asian handicap, you may decide to go to Bet365. When it comes to some of these select markets and even Asian handicaps, you often won’t get a price in-store.

Getting the best odds

You have the ability to use odds comparison sites to find the best odds. This is of course extra work when compared to just filling out a betting slip, but here’s why it is absolutely worth your time. Firstly, these are odds printed at the start of the week and unless you request updated odds from their website, you’ll just get what’s on your betting slip. Odds are always changing online.

Of course, that won’t always go in your favour. But it will in that it will at least give you an indication of where the money is going. Not even drift is going to tell you the outcome of a market, but believe me, whether you’re betting £5 of £1000 on markets like NBA, football or horse racing. You aren’t affecting the odds. So, when you see big drifts, you can usually be share very large (and often smart) amounts of money have gone on that outcome.

It’s a tool that shouldn’t decide your bets but it certainly can inform some decision making. Being that we like a bet on the NBA, it also assists us in the old school of thought that it’s good to fade the public. If I see that 60% of bets have gone on the Knicks, yet they’ve gone from a -5 to a -3 favourite, that tells me that the 40% are using big, smart money and betting on that underdog!

Free Bets

Free Bets

This is a huge advantage to any beginner, but we’ll cover it in more details in our section about bookmakers. Every bookmaker has free bet offers to entice you in. In truth, they’re full of stipulations and most people either trip up or don’t put enough value on making the most of these free bets.

But they are absolutely there to be taken advantage of. You can with with them and you can meet the rollover requirements to get that money out. If you’re someone who is going to upload large amounts and bet consistently anyway, what hassle is it to you to try and do it on someone else’s money for a while? If you’re a successful bettor, you’ll be able to extract the winnings that come from free bets.

Security concerns

I know a lot of people will have concerns over the security of their accounts. You’re putting bank details, PayPal details and Skril details to the hands of the very people that are trying to take you for every penny, but it really is a very safe and trustworthy process.

Online betting is a multi-billion industry at present and a lot of money goes into good security. For every news story I’ve heard about a bank hacking group getting hold of thousands of customers’ details, I’ve never heard of one such occurrence involving a bookmaker.

If you’re not happy about inputting your card details directly into a bookmakers’ website, then PayPal may be for you. Whilst it’s not the smartest way to upload for serious or successful bettors, it does give you the security of three extremely big, reputable and trusted organisations (Bank, bookmaker, PayPal) all at once.

Now you have your accounts loaded and ready to go (and you’re going to take advantage of all those freebies remember) it is time to begin betting. BUT, remember betting is just as hard online as it is on a high street, so having a plan that involves good money management is key.

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