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Gary Priestley’s horse racing tips : September Review

Tipsters Review - October 4, 2016




Gary Priestley’s horse racing tips : September Review


A look back over the first month as resident horse racing tipster for Tipsters Review, the unfortunate outcome was not what I or Scott had hoped for. Clearly both Scott and I know that I’m better than that and thats whats so disappointing. We all dream of the perfect start and profits all the way, but all month we were fighting a losing battle with some poor picks, poor runs and some bad luck. The stats for September make for pretty poor reading and for that I’m sorry!

September horse racing tips results:
113 Selections
10 Non Runners
103 Runners
4 Winners 20-1, 9-1, 9-1 & 7-1
20 Placed of which 10 finished 2nd
79 unplaced

It’s fair to say they don’t make for good reading as on my blog from over 3500 selections my win S/R was 1;15.4 as you can see from those figures I only hit 1:25.75 which effectively equates to missing 3 winners. The average win/place was 1:4.4 which is pretty bang on this month with 24/103 hitting that target. So why such a big loss well 2 reasons I can see for that…

1. On my blog roughly win/2nd would be split 50/50 as you can see I had 4 winners with 10 2nds so nowhere near the 50/50 split. Again as from avg S/R figures those splits would have given us 7 wins and 7 places which again is the 3 winners short.

2. The 2nd reason for falling short whilst hitting the same S/R is the avg sp of the selections. On my blog from the 3500 runners the avg placed odds were over 20-1 whereas this month it was a shade under 14-1, that’s a huge difference when your talking in terms of 24 placed runners.
We did have one or two that ran well and should have won in particular Finn Class, Munjally and even our very first runner Plymouth Sound looked to have got us off to a flyer. A big percentage of our runners were well supported in the markets namely Mercers Row on 2 occasions along with several others but for me the worst one was the ride on Menace at Sedgefield, very dodgy indeed!!

In summary I’m hoping that’s the worst month out the way and now we can start making some profit, whilst nothing is guaranteed in this game the “Chase” is what brings us back every day/week/month hoping to finish in front of our bookie. For those that haven’t seen my figures here’s a look back at 2016 so far..

Jan: -3.25pts
Feb: +44.30pts
March: +51.75pts
April: +54.25pts
May: +173.60pts
June: +111.76pts
July: -60.11pts
August: +0.17pts
September: -59.70pts
Total + 312.77pts to 1pt ew Singles

Its clear to see the last 3 months have been very hard work, October has started well with a nice 20-1 winner yesterday and a little unlucky not to have followed that up with an 18-1 winner an hour later. Hopefully that’s the start of a better run!!

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Good Luck


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