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Quentin Franks Racing

Quentin Franks Racing - Tipsters Review

Quentin Franks Racing

Quentin Franks Racing: Averaging a strike rate of 25% and around 70 bets per month, Quentin Franks Racing is a consistent source of Horse Racing Tips, delivered every morning with clear staking advise and best odds recommendations.

Quentin Franks Racing: Averaging a strike rate of 25% and around 70 bets per month, Quentin Franks Racing is a consistent source of Horse Racing Tips, delivered every morning with clear staking advise and best odds recommendations.

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Tipsters Review
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 98 reviews
 by Trevor on Tipsters Review

Absolute rubbish loser after loser

 by J Nilsson on Tipsters Review

Long losing streak and consistently posting odds that are very difficult to get. Even with using boosts I struggle to maintain the odds posted which means performance is greatly exaggerated. Having been with QF for a couple of months I have consistently lost money every month and now ending my subscription.

 by Josh C on Tipsters Review

4 straight losing months, busted the original 100 point bank so BG just extended it to a 150 point bank. Dishonest move and surely to try and hang on to their longest standing service for horse racing with a stellar history up until the past half year or so. Problem is that history doesn't mean a thing if you've blown a betting bank and cost the members buckets of money. If BG doesn't can this service after another losing month then avoid that company entirely.

 by  Will on Tipsters Review

Current losing streak Is deadly . They may had year long run without adding any profit to overall balance but could least balancing winning / losing months . Right now he only losing for 4.5 months and gap gets bigger each month ( september -450) so I am worried to start betting money as I am not seeing light at the end of the tunnel . However this service was always more bumpy and there Is still chance to catch some new breath. They can also link members to another tipster for free but right now they don't even provide that .
What I don't like Is that the guy Is obviously interested in many other things like cricket football each which he shows on twitter profile , which leads to belief he just don't focus on horses as much as he probably should . I found this disturbing
Second star Is only for history but I doubt I will let anyone like that messing with my money ever again so to me it's done as the bank is already busted

 by  Dan on Tipsters Review

Bust the bank, bank extended to 150 pts, failed system regardless of figures published.

 by  Dan on Tipsters Review

My last outing with a betting gods tipster, QF was the best they had, he lost 123.5 pts in a couple of months (that is using their best odds which you will be unlikely to get so my real life loss is more), the whole years profit wiped out and some, the answer - the bank was increased to 150 pts to keep him afloat, this is not the first time I have seen this tactic used with no explanation.
Totally lost faith, at one point I could see where he was coming from with his tips, lately they have been atrocious, I can, and do, do better on my own.
He was a marginal profit tipster using available odds relying on extending the bank, 1 big win that some got early on in the year, as for betting gods clamping down on failing tipsters, it doesn't happen as above.

 by Josh C on Tipsters Review

Updated Review I've been a member of this service since early July 2018. Form has had dips over that time but overall was very solid. Odds are near impossible to obtain due to the timing of the tips being when the market is highly volatile but if you are quick and have multiple accounts you'll fare ok. I was still profiting well enough with SP through the tote. At the 5 year anniversary of the service BG did a lifetime member special. I bought it. That was at the front end of what has turned out to be a horrid period for the service. Barring some crazy miracle in the next few days August will be the third straight losing month. The member site has been flooded with frustrated and disgruntled customers. As I use smaller stakes I'm now at an overall loss after subtracting fees paid. I'm hoping and praying the support team will honor a refund this weekend if the service does indeed end at another loss for the month. I cannot recommend this service anymore which is terribly sad considering the 5 year history but unless some form returns very quickly the 100 point bank for a person who joined in May will be busted within days.

 by  Tyler on Tipsters Review

Not sure why this is not a 5 star service, I cant think of a negative thing to say and I have been a member for 18 months.

 by  GR on Tipsters Review

Hi All, I have been with QF since Sept-Oct 2018 so thought of sharing some feedback

1. Personally, I feel the results are recorded at the max available odds. Not sure about everyone, but here in Aus, I never got the suggested odds with any of the bookie. So, I consider the overall figure of points a bit inflated and not the correct measure of success. Which means, one big win of say suggested odds 50 (but actually available 34) considerably overshadows 15 pts loss. Hence, I consider 85% of what Total Profit reflects.

2. Will request QF to send the update strictly around 9am as I have seen more often the updates are sent at random timings so it becomes difficult to stick to the laptop and wait for updates. Reason to sit is that odds drop the moment updates are sent.

3. Not sure if I am the one to suggest this but I feel we should only focus on UK tracks.

4. Very happy to see the Race number included as it helps quick shopping around.

Members and QF suggestions welcome please

 by  Alan on Tipsters Review

The service has shown - for me - 197 points profit since the start of July 2017 so a return of 131 points per year in that time. However one must appreciate that there have been some long runs where nothing has been achieved. Nevertheless it is a reasonably good service as tipping services go and worth the money especially if you take out lifetime cover (I have done this with one tipster who finished after a year so care should be exercised when doing that).

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