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Straight From The Trainer - Tipsters Review

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Tipsters Review
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 by  sw

Absolute garbage, how people pay for this is beyond me. don't even think he has picked 5 winners all year. Avoid.

 by  KS

What an arrogant pair of ***** ,you can count the winners this year on 1 hand. Anyone who asks a simple question like " whats the points so far this month" is greeted with a reply of check your betting account etc, unless the month is in profit then they will quite happily answer. Anyone who dares to moan at the poor form gets abusive replies not only from these 2 but also the brown nose gang who back up anything they say. Even a long term member had a slight moan about their trainers horses winning which they never passed on and ended up getting abusive replies. Spreadsheets never get updated unless they win, constant BOOMs just for a horse placing then if and when they find a winner all the brown nose gang are out again with the old form is temp rubbish. They have won big in the past and seem to live off that big time.Their main Facebook page gets a big write up within a minute of a horse winning to encourage more sign ups( pretty blank this year though) yet never a mention on there about the last 7 weeks of heavy losses,. Any slightly dubious comments get removed and the persons right to comment removed at the same time so only positive comments show up. Loads get booted if and when they moan about the heavy losses. These 2 would never last in any other customer based industry with their ridiculous sarcastic replies to peoples groans.


This will be a long review but please read!

As a former long term member I can see a case for and against. I'll start with the positives. Absolutely, they've have landed monstrous doubles and huge profits. A year or so ago I would have had no issue recommending their service to anybody. My issue with them is that they have become increasing sneaky in falsifying profits/loss and the final nail in the coffin was just a case of outright blatant lying. They sent tips for a Saturday's racing on Friday afternoon at exactly 4:46pm which is too early but didn't happen very often so I can look past that. On this occasion they advised a horse at 8/1 at a time only two bookmakers offered a market for the race. The horse was actually best priced 6/1 so I reviewed the Oddschecker official time log to see what time the prices had shortened. In simple terms 8/1 was never available post email being sent. I informed them via email with the primary aim that they would settle the bet at 6/1 so members wouldn't feel aggrieved. I received a prompt reply, but one basically telling me I was wrong. I knew I wasn't wrong and let's say a heated back and forth occurred. I was told my email server was slow, my broadband speed was "dial up" and to stop worrying about other members. I suggested the easiest way to clear it up was for them to review what time they sent the email. They ignored my request and maintain the horse was 8/1 so I asked for a screen grab showing the email time log as proof but again denied. They suffered a shocking January results wise (that's excusable with any tipster) but what isn't excusable is making up prices or not acknowledging when a price wasn't ever available to turn results in their favour. It's simple greed and shows a huge lack of respect and arrogance against their paying customers most of whom don't know they being tricked. Said horse won that day so the records are automatically false. If another of their selections had won then reporting of the multiple would be dramatically wrong. It's a huge industry taboo and these two must think now well established they're beyond rebuke. They also advise a combo multi daily which has 6 separate lines of doubles. They settle results at best price for each horse. E.g. If both horses were advised at 10/1 yet the best achievable prices in the double were 10/1 and 8/1 they settle the bet both at 10/1. They deny this but it's happened all to often to be an honest mistake. In the good months you're never as ahead as they report and in the bad months you may be busy before they've used all the recommended bank. AVOID!


Lost a fortune with these 2 idiots who couldn't pick their nose DONT JOIN

 by lee penman

Awfull not 1 winner in january that i can remember 4-5 horses perday thats well over 100 horses without a win on that note im out

 by Jason

One winning double every now and then not worth following unless like losing money on a regular basis,read some of their comments totally uncalled for will not be renewing membership.

 by  Sean

Started with a hundred points down 40 points all ready they haven't won one horse since I joined everything coming last regret joining and thinking of pulling out what ever money I have left there crap don't join

 by Stephanie

Absolute crap if i ever seen it. They get one big win and then feed the bookies back money. They are affiliated with bookies and the two of them gavin and ben are toss pots. Down about 500 over 2 weeks.

 by  Angus

Like a lot of the low ratings here. The two men that run this are severely stuck up their own hole and rely solely on certain members praising them to make them seem better than they really are. Two arrogant lads changing their arm.
Admittedly I've been on the back hand of a few of their doubles however, it does not out weigh their overall outlay.


They hit a few 5/1 horses but out the daily 5 youll maybe get 1 win 1 place and break even or make a small profit. Problem for me is its run by the two most arrogant people you can meet, considering you are a paying customer they cant take any truthful criticism without spouting back at you like a bunch of spoilt 5 year olds. Then if you criticise they simply delete your comment and only keep positive ones. To say they're making £10 a month off over 2000 people you'd think they'd be a bit better at customer service. Left solely because they called me a lunatic for a response about possibly leaving. Terrible.

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