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Bookmaker Reviews

Bookmaker Reviews

Bookmaker Frequently Asked Questions

A bookmaker (also known as a bookie) is a person or organisation who accepts bets from punters on the outcome of an event. A bookmaker’s job is to offer odds on bets and pay out any winnings due.
Due to the large number of variables such as range of markets, type of sports covered, liabilities, free bets and offers it is almost impossible to say which is the best bookmaker. Different peoples betting styles will suit different bookies but using the reviews above will allow you to get an idea of which one may be right for your bets.
It is very simple to post your bookmaker reviews. Click on the bookmaker you would like to post a review on and this will open their own separate page where you can use the comments box on the left to give your rating and review.
After reading all the bookie reviews I am sure you are ready to open an account with your preferred option, but how? Very simple, just click the URL link on their page and this will take you through to the sign up page where you can join and start placing your bets.
Again, this will be down to your own personal preference, If you take a look at the free bets and sign up offers above you will see there is a wide variety. Some bookmakers offer no deposit bonuses whereas others will match our initial deposit. Profit signing up to any of the free bets and offers make sure you read their full terms and conditions.
This will be dependent on the type of betting market that you are looking for. Some bookmakers will offer better value for football betting where as others will have better odds in the horse racing markets. If you look at one of the many odds comparison sites on the internet, you will soon be able to establish which bookie offers the best value on the markets that you are looking to place your bets on.
Read reviews, leave reviews and try tipsters out for free! Together we will find the right service for you!

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