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Horse Racing Tipster Reviews

Horse Racing Tipsters

The reviews and ratings on this site come directly from real punters who have had experiences of the listed horse racing tipsters. Read the unbiased reviews and ratings to discover the best horse racing tipsters on the net.

Bookies Enemy No1

Average rating:  
 206 reviews
 by Johnny on Tipsters Review

Knowledgeable, professional, reliable and honest service that delivers results over the long haul. Up there at the top with the best

Bookies Enemy No1 www.bookiesenemyno1.co.uk

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Ron Williams Racing

Average rating:  
 285 reviews
 by Rameen on Tipsters Review

Very happy member. Ron more than deserves the 5 stars with his consistency and long term profit

Ron Williams Racing www.ronwilliamsracing.com

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Each Way Tips

Average rating:  
 60 reviews
 by  Mazz on Tipsters Review

Good solid service, usually 2-3 bets most days. Always get a good run for your money and being ew the really bad losing days are scarce. Been with the service just about a month, well in profit and definitely going to continue.Well done Pete, appreciate all your hard work.

Each Way Tips https://eachwaytips.com

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Bet Alchemist

Average rating:  
 118 reviews
 by Sam Preston on Tipsters Review

Genuine a service as they come and really profitable too. There is nothing negative to say about this service and I believe i is how every tipster should be. Honest, consistent, profitable, knowledgeable and has genuine care for its members. If you have not tried Bet Alchemist yet then I strongly encourage that you give it a try, you will not be disappointed.

Bet Alchemist www.betalchemist.com

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Quentin Franks Racing

Average rating:  
 98 reviews
 by Trevor on Tipsters Review

Absolute rubbish loser after loser

Quentin Franks Racing www.bettinggods.com/betting-gods-tipsters/quentin-franks-racing

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Punter Paradise

Average rating:  
 18 reviews
 by David on Tipsters Review

I’ve used a few tipsters in the past, but they end up with odds on shots.

This service is spot on, a few lulls as expected, but come back with a bang.

85 points profit in 5 months tells it’s own story.

Punter Paradise https://punterparadise.com/

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Betting Gods free daily tips

Average rating:  
 15 reviews
 by Josh C on Tipsters Review

Been following the free tips for a long time and only follow the sports ones. It's been better than nearly all of the services I've tried and paid for which is sadly hilarious!

Betting Gods free daily tips https://bettinggods.com/free-betting-tips/

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Loves Racing

Average rating:  
 7 reviews
 by Dave H on Tipsters Review

I really do not know where Michael is coming from!

I echo Paul Davies's thought and this tipster is tremendous, PERIOD!
Admittedly,November & December were tricky months but I have been a member since 2018 and the profits, along with the bonus festival selections have yielded me big profits!!

Loves Racing https://lovesracing.com/

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Bet Info 24

Average rating:  
 5 reviews
 by  leonard on Tipsters Review

FANTASTIC free service, already had a 6/1 and a 7/2 winner this week. I've never understood people who moan at a free service. BetInfo24 seem a genuine company and so far have provided an excellent service

Bet Info 24 https://betinfo24.co.uk/

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QF Value Tips

Average rating:  
 28 reviews
 by Josh C on Tipsters Review

Final Review

Joined service several years ago on a lifetime membership per a Christmas special. I still cancelled my membership as it just stagnated. Month after month of minimal profit or rotating between small loss and small profit. I had numerous poor experiences with BG services and decided to just cut this last one despite paying for life. It's not worth a service fee at all. I would advise to avoid Betting Gods entirely. So many hotly advertised services that fail to perform and blow betting banks shortly after going live.

QF Value Tips www.bettinggods.com/qfvaluetips

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Racing Consultants

Average rating:  
 7 reviews
 by Ryan Scott on Tipsters Review

Another service that ranks right up there for me. Been running for years and delivers consistency m,nth in month out. Its not flashy but its very profitable and very professional.

Racing Consultants www.racingconsultants.co.uk

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Racing Winner

Average rating:  
 3 reviews
 by  Mavji on Tipsters Review

Hi Guys at Race King. I joined your service recently and I am very happy with the winning tips and very good sevice from your A Team. Thanks and hope you will do the same in future. Cheers. Mavji.

Racing Winner https://racingwinner.co.uk/

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Value Backing (Carl Nicholson)

Average rating:  
 8 reviews
 by  Stan on Tipsters Review

I think in 12 tips I've had 1 small winner, have not renewed!

Value Backing (Carl Nicholson) www.valuebacking.com

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Get Your Tips Out

Average rating:  
 25 reviews
 by  Jordan on Tipsters Review

Absolute conmen! DO NOT TRUST THEM. So blatantly obvious they are paid by bookies yet and when you question them you are blocked on twitter. I will be going further about this to find out the truth!

Get Your Tips Out https://www.getyour-tipsout.co.uk/

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ITV Racing Tips

Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by  Dan on Tipsters Review

I've been with this service for over 2 years now and it's one of the best.

There have been losing months, but not many and my bank just keeps growing.

It's also cheap 🙂

ITV Racing Tips https://itvracingtips.com/

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Horse Racing Tips Frequently Asked Questions

A ‘Horse Racing Tipster’ is someone who will provide regular advice and information (otherwise known as horse racing tips) to a group of members/followers. The idea of a tipster is to predict the outcome of a horse race. To do this successfully, the best tipster will be perceived to have more knowledge than the bookmakers who compile the odds for their tips.
This exact question is why Tipsters Review was originally set up. The truth is that there is no correct answer as every punter will have different standards and opinions when it comes to betting on racing tips. Having said that, by using the reviews above you should be able to find the best horse racing tipster for you.
When wanting to leave a review; click on the specific tipster and you will see a box on the right-hand side – this will allow you to leave a rating out of 5 and any additional comments. Review considerations are as follows; the quality of horse racing tips, customer service, professionalism, honesty, and value for money.
Unless they have an automated system set up through their website you will most likely need to contact them to obtain their racing tips for today. Generally, the normal procedure once joining a service is to be assigned to a mailing list which could mean you may have already missed the tip on the day you join.
All the racing tipsters featured have their own websites that can be clicked to from their pages above. Once you are on their website you should be able to navigate to a ‘contact us’ section or, they may have an email address listed, in which case you can just contact them directly.
Yes, several of the sites listed above offer free horse racing tips as part of their services. Some of them may provide all their tips for free and others may split their racing tips between free and premium subscriptions. There are some horse racing tipsters from Facebook and Twitter featured on the site who may post their tips for free on their timelines. Alternately, if you are specifically looking for free racing tips you can check out our live ‘Tipster Trials’ which offer free tips every day from the UK’s most popular racing tipsters.
If you have a professional horse racing service that you would like to get listed for review, please fill out a contact form on our contact us page or send an email to: info@tipstersreview.co.uk.

Horse Racing Tipster Reviews

Read reviews, leave reviews and try tipsters out for free! Together we will find the right service for you!

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