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Football Betting Marketss

Football Betting Markets Glossary

I’m sure you understand what is meant by the word market when we talk of a betting market, but just to be sure, a market is just an option. Match Result is one market. Betting on a specific goal scorer is another. You may want to bet on the final score. That’s a ‘market’, too. Below is our glossary of the biggest and most common markets out there.

1X2 Betting/Match Result – Perhaps the most common market to bet on. It involves the simple action of betting on the outcome of a match. It doesn’t matter how many goals are scored or how and when, as long as your selection comes out on top after the final whistle. You can bet on the home side, a draw and the away side.

Asian Handicap – Asian Handicap betting is a market that takes a little more explanation than others, but it’s one of the leading way to bet throughout Europe and Asia, and also amongst ‘professionals’. There are two simple ways to explain it. Below are several examples.

Barcelona are -2.5 Asian Handicap favourites against rivals Espanyol. The term ‘handicap’ can be taken literally. They are at a disadvantage before they’ve begun here, as they need to win by three or more goals to turn that negative -2.5 in to a positive number. Think of it in terms of mathematical addition.

You’re given the number of -2.5 and you need to turn it into a positive. You plus 3 to reach a positive number. The same can be applied to any handicap. For example: a -0.5AH favourite winning by one goal turns -0.5 in to +0.5, and a -1.5 favourite winning by two goals turns -1.5 in 0.5. The pre-match handicap has been overcome. You didn’t win any extra if a -1.5 favourite wins by five or six goals for example, nor do you lose out.

Another simple way to approach the following handicaps are as possible.

-0.5AH – A team just needs to win the game

-1.5AH – A team are starting at a 0-1 disadvantage, so must win by two goals

-2.5AH – A team are starting at a 0-2 disadvantage, so must win by three goals

-3.5AH – A team are starting at a 0-3 disadvantage, so must win by four goals

The pattern continues. Asian Handicaps such as -4.5, -5.5 etc do occur but they are rare and often not worth betting on.

Both Teams to Score – This is a market that a lot of people like to use because it makes for good ‘accumulator’ additions, but if you’re smart you’ll seek out good prices and make profit betting on individual games. It doesn’t take anything other than an own goal, penalty or just a split second of quality. Anyone can score against anyone in theory, so this can be a very valuable market.

There are a couple of variations, like Both Teams to Score & Over 2.5 goals. This is the act of betting on there being three or more goals in the game, and each team contributing at least one goal to that total. A similar market that ties in both of those outcomes with a team winning is Match Result & Both Teams to Score. This requires three or more goals, at least one from each side and your selected team to win the game. It’s a lot to happen and it’s a market usually well priced. It often doesn’t hold value and there are more sensible markets, but both are great for watching interest or a multiple bet.

Cards – This follows the same principle as the format set out for corner and goals markets, so feel free to refer back to this after you’ve read up on those. You can bet on their being over or under a certain amount of cards in a game. Just imagine Brucey screaming higher, or lower. An example line would be: Over/Under 2.5 Yellow Cards. Under would cover 0, 1, or 2 yellow cards being shown and over would cover 3 or more. The same logic can be applied to the market when Over/Under 1.5, 3.5, 4.5, etc is offered up.

Correct Score – Again, it’s a commonly used market, but it’s not one you’ll see the most profitable people using. Every now and then you’ll get a couple right. It’s not that hard when you consider the vast majority of football games do not go beyond a 2-2 score line, and the odds are good – but it’s very hard to have sustained success on this even at the odds on offer.

Clean Sheet – Maybe we’re just too careful, but we consider this one a risk, also. Happy to admit it’s something that even the best may use but it only ever takes a penalty, an own goal or even a bit of luck sometimes. Anyone can score against anyone, but if you’re a statistician then you can’t deny some teams have a knack for clean sheets. It involves betting on the opposition not to score.

Corners – A growing obsession is betting on the corner markets. You can bet on the amount of corners in a game, usually in the style of the wagering on whether there will be Over 6.5 corners or Under 6.5 Corners for example. There can’t be 6.5 corners, so it’ll often be a two way market where you win or lose. Some people will tell you there is value to be had because bookmakers aren’t quite as careful pricing these markets. There are lower limits, odds shift very easily and there’s only really one stat to go off of. True that may be, but that argument could also go the other way.

Double Chance – This involves backing your side to win or draw. The odds will often be greatly reduced. For example, even a team that is as high as 2.80 to win at home could be well below evens when it comes to the double chance market. Some teams are good at not getting bet at home, but don’t win as many as they should. Bookmakers don’t give a lot away on this market but it’s useful if you’re backing underdogs.

Draw No Bet – Similar to the above but this is only a two option market, so you’ll get better odds. Now as low as double chance but not as high as picking an outright winner on the 1X2 market, draw no bet is a great option to back a side with reduced risk. If the game ends in a draw, everyone’s stake is refunded in full and in cash. Your team either wins or they lose.

Goals Markets – Over/Under is the most popular of all goals market. It involves betting on whether there will be over or under a certain amount of goals and will be presented as follows by a bookmaker:

Over 2.5  1.95  |   Under 2.5  1.85 – Again, you can’t have 2.5 goals, can you? So there will either be 0, 1 or 2 which covers Under 2.5 and 3, 4, 5 or any amount higher that covers Over 2.5. Most games will see the line set at Over/Under 2.5 goals, however typically high scoring sides such as Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich will often see lines of Over/Under 3.5 and 4.5 goals. Bookmakers usually offer additional options to bet anything from Over/Under 0.5 goals to Over/Under 7.5 goals.

Goalscorers – You can bet on a player to score in 90 minutes and there are several ways to do it. You can bet on a player to score at any time, which means you win as long as he nets. You can also bet on an individual to score specifically the first, second or last goal of a football match. Also, you can bet on someone to score the first goal for their team.

Half-Time Betting – This can be useful. Remember, stats are there to be used to our advantage, and some teams are notoriously low scorers in the first half. Some come out all guns blazing, and some often put in a Jekyll and Hyde performance. Utilizing half time betting can be a good addition to your betting portfolio. It covers all of the above mentioned markets where you can bet on total goals, an Asian handicap, an outright winner and even both teams scoring.

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