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Rod’s Runners

Rod’s Runners - Tipsters Review

Rod’s Runners

Rod's Runners is yet another successful horse racing tipster service from the Betting Gods platform. If you are looking for a service with a high volume of daily selections and one that produces winners at double figure odds then Rod's Runners is for you. 

Rod’s Runners is yet another successful horse racing tipster service from the Betting Gods platform. If you are looking for a service with a high volume
of daily selections and one that produces winners at double figure odds then Rod’s Runners is for you. 

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Tipsters Review
Average rating:  
 55 reviews
 by  Antony

I've only been with the service for a few weeks, but I can already see the potential; albeit one that comes with the pitfalls and betting highs that are hand-in-hand with betting at such high odds and on mostly outsiders/not favourites.

Long-ish losing runs can be expected, but it just takes one or two winners to be back on front, so it's definitely a long-term game, not a quick in and out by any means. The only frustration comes from not always being able to get on at the best odds advised, due to the timing of the emails (multiple, including updates throughout the day), or at all; and of course it's sods' law that the ones missed turn out to be big winners, too! This of course is not Rod's fault, and just goes to show the value in his picks... you just need to be in it to win it!

 by  Ed

This Rodney is no plonker! I signed up to the US tips 3 days ago and omg... tonight has seen him land 33/1 50/1 and 11/1 winners with one to run out of 9ish selections. So three days in and I’m well in front and very happy. Long may it last and judging by his results, which are on the betting gods website, there’s every chance it will.

Well done Rodey! Diamond geezer! Hats off to you!

I wasn’t going to have a drink tonight but I’ve had to open a bottle... cheers!

 by  Brian

I've spent years trying to make money from horses with little success because I can only use betfair and am not always free to get the best prices, but Rod's runners is quite different. Regular winners at double figure prices are provided and although there will be many losers along the way, it more than makes up when the winners come along. Highly recommended.

 by  Aaron

Let's be clear, this is hard work. You have to put in the hours and sometimes it feels like that next big winner will never come! The but is that the figures are only what you can dream of when it's flying and if you have the dedication I can't think of a better service. Rod is so dedicated himself and as disappointed as the rest of us when he has a bad day. I would say there is nothing quite as good as a Rod's Runners good day though, and the figures speak for themselves. If this was a service I could put £100 a point on and had the money I would, unfortunately you'd only last 5 minutes at the bookies! Still, for the money and the profit, if you can commit the time, it feels like Rod's Winners!

 by Paul D

Rod's Runners is not for the faint-hearted! It definitely works with some very good winners but with a win rate of roughly 1 in 13 selections you really need to be able to back every one. I have had several days where I've missed one selection off in the rush to get the bets on and found it was the only winner of the day! Recently, with evening and US racing, Rod has put out over 30 selections a day, peaking at 44. This takes some managing and strong nerves when they all lose!

 by  Tez

5 stars from me easily.

If you know about betting then you know about variance. So as long as you understand that you are betting on outsiders and can handle the variance, and are able to look at the bigger profitable picture... then Rod is the man.

His tips are usually first thing in the morning, last thing at night and a few inbetween... which is a pain but a testament to the hard work Rod puts into the selections.

Also to his credit is the performance. I can handle a 100pt losing month because of the + 140pt march, then +150pt april and so far 250+ pt may!

He obviously has a very good eye for selecting horses often overlooked by the bookies (and where the odds reflect it).

The only catch is you have to be quick putting the selections on to get the best odds... i recommend having a personalised ringtone for his emails and jumping into action when it goes off.. youll be glad you did.

Thanks Rod!

 by Miroslav Provod

You have to put the work in if you want the results so this is definitely not for someone looking for just a few bets and staking higher stakes to get profits long term. In fact, I would like to stake higher stakes as I could devote greater bankroll, but even with totally clean bookie accounts it's sometimes complicated to get even the £10 on in 1 go so this is more of a service for people who want to build a bigger bankroll quick with small bets or have been restricted from large bets, have the time available and are willing to put the work in. It may also work for people who used to bet high stakes, but were restricted and can't put the high stakes in anymore so changing to many small stake bets can keep the profits coming in from the bookies with the only difference being the time that is required to place the bets. The positive of having so many bets is the fact that there have been only a few losing months in the last year (I believe only two) as any bad runs don't last long under such a high volume of bets. Also, the high volume of bets shows that Rod is really putting the work in and tries to find value in every UK and some american races. Another issue at times are the advised odds as it seems there are many people following Rods advice and sometimes odds plummet even 5 minutes after the email being sent (though not always, I've seen odds remain for 2-3 hours after advising as well). Also, not many UK bookies offer bets at some of the US races that are tipped nearly every day and I've been severely restricted at Paddy, restricted at Betfair and still OK at William Hill so some days I can't even put the full £10 in for every tip on these US races. But this is only a fraction of the bets and doesn't seem to affect the overall profit too much. I'm not sure how well this service performs under Betfair SP, but I'm going to the US in June for a month so will test (via proxy) how my profit will compare with Rods profit (shown in his emails) if I bet Betfair SP only as I won't have the time there to search for best bookie prices. I don't expect my bookie accounts to last very long as taking £900 a month from them, betting at strange times of day and continually on horses with high odds where they limit even clean accounts would certainly raise the eyebrows and I can't see that most of my accounts will still be opened or not severely restricted a year from now so testing the option of betting Betfair SP, perhaps at higher stakes than £10 per point, may be a possible long-term solution. I will certainly write another review if I get any good results on Betfair SP. To summarise, the most important thing you need to have is time and flexibility with this tipster. I have adopted my daily routine where I stay up till the last bet around midnight, set my alarm for 8 am to be ready for the morning bets and then plan to be back at home by 5 pm for the evening bets. Where this is not possible, I carry my laptop and dongle with me so I can jump on the internet as soon as I get the email. So if you want the full potential of this service, you need to be like this, it may sound too restricting, but for £900 a month minus about £50 fee it's definitely worth it (who wouldn't take a job requiring you to work 90 minutes a day and paying you an average of £900 a month?). Also, you need several bookie accounts as sometimes the advised high odds get limited staking so you need to spread your stake sometimes as low as £2 per bet at a bookie (mainly with high odds horses advised around midnight). And finally, have patience as loosing runs will definitely occur, but with such a high volume of bets you don't have to wait longer than a few weeks at worst for the profits to show up (I've been in profit since day 1:-)).

 by Miroslav Provod

I have been with Rods Runners for less than a month, but it was the most profitable month I've ever had with any tipster. Allocating a bank of £2500 a month ago and staking £10 per point I have now nearly doubled my bank! Rod has tipped several high odds winners, including a 50/1, 33/1 and several 20+ winners in that time. The situation could have been much better if he tipped a 100/1 winner that he was supposedly considering, but unfortunately discarded tipping him. Having said that, I'm more than satisfied and will definitely stay with Rod as long as my bookie accounts are opened. While I've had an extremely high ROC and doubled my bankroll in a month!, which is probably as good as any tipster out there can achieve, this is a result of a very good run and variance being definitely on our side. Whether there is any recent improvement of form or any new techniques being used that produce greater profit than average can't be said right now as the average profit from £10 per point had been around £900 per month over the last year and there have been both ups and downs along they way (based on results posted at BettingGods, not sure if those results include BOG, but I've lost BOG at most bookies and my results from the last month seem to copy those posted in Rods email rather well - note that those results in the email seem to generally show the best day of the last 4-5 days so may sometimes seem optimistic, but if the best day in the last 4-5 days since the start of the month is taken they match well) as would be expected with tips at such high odds. Even if that, £900 per month from £10 bets is a result that proves Rod knows what he is doing, is dedicated and puts the hard work in and certainly has an edge over the market. Having been only positive so far (which this service definitely deserves), I have to highlight several practicalities as well. This is a very high volume service, emails are sent several times a day and every email has many tips (I'd say at least 10 on average). Usually (based on the last month I've been with Rod) there is an email sent between 11 pm and 1 am, then another email between 7 am and 9 am and one email between 5-7 pm. The 5-7 pm email sometimes includes selections for the next day as well as American racing (Santa Anita, etc.). Taking into account that I try to search for best odds and extra places, have stake restrictions with several bookies and try to squeeze in as much value as I can (I literally place £0.30 e/w bets with Bet365 where I'm severely stake restricted) I spend good 60-90 minutes a day placing these bets and then another 30-45 minutes recording the results. Some people may be much quicker at placing bets or don't record results, but even then I'd set out at least 15 minutes per email in those time-frames for placing bets.

 by Andy shaw

Excellent tipster I am definitely making good money with this one. Highly recommended and I'm no sucker. Try for your self on trial and you'll be impressed.

 by tom balcarres

best service ever

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